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Controlling call flow

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Since Adhearsion is written in Ruby, it's very easy to change the flow logic of a phone call as it's processed in the system. You can for example ask what the extension that was called and provide special processing. For example.


case extension

when 1000

// do something

when 2000

// do someting else



You can ask the user for input an adjust processing based on their entry.


user_value = input(nil, :play => "/tmp/instructions")

if user_value == 1

// do something

else if user_value == 2

// do something else



You could even se what time it is and have the system base it's logic on the result from the time.


t = Time.now

hour = t.hour

if hour > 20

// it's too late to receive phone calls. hangup


// dial extension passed in



Could probably add a number of other examples here showing simple ruby conditionals to control call flow.

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