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Integrating with Ruby on Rails

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Imagine the power of an application that can not only provide features based on open source PBX systems such as Asterisk and FreeSwitch, but has a very powerful and interactive web component as well! We as software engineers have not seen this kind of potential for a whole new area of web applications in a number of years. The rules definitely have changed and what once seemed like two entirely different areas (telecom and web development), can now can be mashed-up in a way never thought possible.


Using Adhearsion with Ruby on Rails gives you this ability to work on both sides of the fence and provide some really sweet applications that are only held back by your imagination. Ruby on Rails provides the "web application" role allowing users to access and populate data in a databased backed application, which adhearsion will use that data to make choices on how the calls into the PBX system should be handled.


As with most frameworks, it usually helps to have a concrete example of how all of the pieces fit together. So, get fired up and walk your way though the next section of documentation, where we'll explore what it takes to create a sample application that uses Ruby on Rails and Adhearsion. Hope you enjoy it!

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